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The Word Smoothie Blog

Hello, readers! We are two girls passionate about writing, who want to share their experiences and ideas about life’s difficulties and ways to conquer it. We were united by our mutual passion for traveling, writing and reading. Moreover, we both share the same optimistic view of the world and feel great anticipation on the matter of self-appreciation and confidence, topics that we both believe lack attention in today’s world. Finding our niche encouraged us to create this little alternative world, in which you can grab a smoothie on the way to work or school and enjoy a small thought snack on the go. Let us change your inner world and bring a smile to your day! Kisses and smiles, Yoana and Andreea

Lucid Thoughts of Homelessness

Imagine leaving what you had and moving to another place with the intention to start a new life. In this case, your dream consists of building a beautiful house for yourself in which you can start a family. What happens when you are building a house? It is hard work, time consuming. First you put foundations. You want your house to stay strong for generations, don’t you? You layer brick after another, day after day. You put up windows and doors, cover the bricks with concrete, paint the walls, design the rooms… Eventually, one beautiful day months, perhaps years later, you sit at the patio of your own house, the one you built with your bare two hands, with your soulmate next to you. You sight with relief and happiness. Yet, this is not the end of the story. Your creations need maintenance. A house, a relationship, education, work… Everything needs maintenance, so it keeps its quality. Therefore, you don’t just give up, sell the house, or leave it be and move to another place. You need to stay there, repair what breaks, refresh and remaster.

Let’s be happy

I see more and more people my age being unmotivated, sad or insecure about their strengths and their capabilities. Yes, I know. We all have our problems and we all have to deal with situations that might bring us down.…

When is the Time to Let Go?

According to a study by Andreas Bartels and Semir Zeki conducted in Wellcome Department of Imaging Neuroscience, University College London, neurologically all kinds of love activate the same parts of the brain. Scientifically, a mother love, a passionate relationship and…