The beginning

The "big idea"

The Word Smoothie Blog started as a passion project for two university students. Yoana and Andreea were passionate to share their life experiences, ideas and lessons learned along the way. So, in February 2018, at a local cafe, The Word Smoothie blog had its first page visit. As they say, the rest is history.

The aim of the blog has always been to bring new ideas to the table and discuss not only trendy, but ethical and unpopular. Topics you may encounter in our posts include beauty, morals, self-love, immigration, ongoing issues in the world and lessons we can learn from them.


The Word Smoothie Blog today

The blog has been through many busy exam periods and life challenges, but has heroically survived all of them and is looking at an even brighter future. It is currently at its most active stage and constantly expanding.

Currently, Yoana is responsible for the content in the blog, battling everyday life and exploring new ideas and concepts to write about. You can find her thoughts, tips and experiences in the latest Word Smoothie posts.


Recent work

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