7 ways to boost your productivity when working from home

Are you struggling to stay focused and organized when working from home? Here are 7 ways I found to boost my productivity when working from home.

Currently a great number of people in the world are working from home. We are all learning more and more about the troubles and distractions this poses for our projects. However, we are also finding new ways to battle them. Here are 7 ways I found to boost my productivity when working from home:

Always wake up early

It doesn’t matter if it is on a Monday morning or our well-loved Sunday, waking up early is a must. We all know the tricky slope of finding a reason to stay up late – either watching one more episode of the show we got desperately addicted to, one more chapter of a book or one more game. All of those reasons lead to one thing – us making up for it in the morning. It sounds innocent. What if you sleep late just one day, it is not like the world depends on those alarms you snoozed.

Yes… and no.

The whole world surely does not depend on you being awake. Your world, however, seems to be weirdly revolving around you. You are essential part of all your tasks and assignments.

Skipping some of them because you slept late can slide, but it can also lead to a domino effect. You postpone some tasks today. They stack up for the next day and then until you are back on track – your whole schedule will be completely off. Especially, when trying to stay productive at home!

Moreover, good habits take time, but bad ones manage to stick to us easily. We all have been in the circle. Make yourself a favour and just wake up on time. Simply waking up early will give you a bigger window of time to be productive, which may lead to dealing with even more of your tasks.


Create a routine

As I already mentioned, good habits take time. However, they are worth the time.

Our brains love patters. After all, they are specifically designed to recognize such. This is how we coordinate our reactions and reach decisions. Therefore, creating a productive routine can be the very thing responsible for keeping it.

Making sure your days are structured in a way that is easy to follow and repeat will make the process more natural. The more you repeat it, the more it will feel like the right thing to do. In no time, a tedious task will turn into a simple part of the schedule.

This will make you work harder, be organized and keep yourself in the productivity loop.

Write things down

An essential part of my personal routine is writing things down on a real piece of paper. I know that this might sound completely obsolete to some, but it is a way of living for others.

My days start by reviewing my schedule in the morning. As a complete creative weirdo, I have always had problems with organizing my time and activities. This is why writing things down is so important for me to keep my productivity. By doing so, I am able to get an overview of what needs to be done and prioritize my tasks. Moreover, it keeps me responsible of acting upon them.

In fact, writing down your tasks and goals has been directly linked to the success of your assignments. It keeps your focus on the result and helps you keep track of the progress.

Therefore, I would recommend for everyone trying to be more productive at home, to find their way of replicating the process – either the old school way or digitally. If the second one is more up your speed, I would like to recommend Asana or Trello for the purpose.


It is always a good time for new ideas. However, this is especially true when you have no new ones.

Sometimes it almost looks like it is impossible to find inspiration for your projects or even be motivated enough to deal with any of them. A simple brainstorm session, however, can be the solution to your issues.

While brainstorming takes many shapes and forms – from sticky notes on a white board, to mood boards and mind maps, they all are created with the same goal – to keep you inspired. They give you new insight, ideas and a vision of how to structure them. So, it doesn’t matter which one your style fits with, the results will surely follow.


Assign a workplace

What tends to be the hardest part of being productive at home is the simple fact that we associate our homes with rest and leisure. Therefore, many researcher’s advice we assign a specific place of the house just for work.

By doing this, our brains will give us signals that being there means that work needs to be done. It will not do the work for you, but it surely is another beneficial habit that may lead to it.

Dress for success

A great part of my routine in the morning has always been pampering myself to start the day. In my case, this means putting on some make-up and dressing up well. This has become such a crucial part of my days that I have noticed a drop-in productivity whenever I fail to follow it.

For you, this process might take a different shape. However, dressing up for the part and being in the shoes of a professional, literally, can make or break your productivity. It will help your brain define even clearer the boundaries between business and leisure.

Don’t skip meals

Meals and work. I know what you are thinking: What does food has to do with staying productive at home? To answer your question, food is the fuel of our bodies and brains. Therefore, when and what we fuel our bodies with has a lot to do with our energy, productivity and focus.

Many people get lost in their tasks and often forget to eat or don’t pay attention to what they consume. To keep your energy up and stable throughout your day, you must also keep the quality and quantity up. I am sure I don’t need to go into details about how important it is to eat your veggies and drink your water.

I have to point out however, that overeating or consuming junky food can be the other spectre of the problem. Overeating can lead to feeling sleepy, sluggish and tired. All your energy will go into digesting the food, instead of using it for fuel. So, keeping it light and healthy is the way to go.

Take breaks

After all of the technicalities, a simple truth is that in order to be productive at home is that you sometimes just need time off. Time to recover, regenerate and motivate yourself for work. This is incredibly human and yet we often treat it as it doesn’t belong in our routine.

So, don’t be too harsh with yourself and make sure you take your much-deserved break. This will help your eyes, focus and soul.

These were all my tips for working from home that I have gathered so far, and I hope they help you out. Please let me know what your tips are in the comments below, so we can continue learning from each other and be inspired.



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