Beauty Smoothie: Kiehl’s Skincare

Beauty Smoothie: Talking about skincare and self-love. Meet a new favorite brand of mine: Kiehl's and some of their products I love.

For a while now I have been thinking about incorporating some beauty into the smoothie. If you know me, you will know that makeup, skincare and beauty are my second specialty.

I have always loved the world of beauty. Not so much for being more beautiful. My motivation is the colours, the glitter and the ability to express yourself in such unique ways. You can become art. I find this concept so inspiring.

So, from now on Beauty Smoothie will be a reoccurring theme on The Word Smoothie Blog. I will discuss topics about the morals of beauty, but also products, companies and tips. I would love for you to follow me in this journey and give me your ideas in the comments.

The Skincare Journey

Skincare is an extensive subject matter and I am going to briefly scrape the surface.

My journey with skincare began as a teenager. I briefly experienced some acne in school, but until this point my skin never had any problems. Then, one cold Easter European winter showed me I had no idea how to take care of it. My skin became dry and it was full of dry red patches. I was desperate and had no idea how to deal with it.

My parents never had a skincare regiment, so I never knew what my skin needed. My mother often used masks, but that was the extend of it. My dad had very sensitive skin, so he was just avoiding any chemicals whatsoever. So, figuring out the situation was all on me.

This is how my skincare journey began.

It has been many years since then. I have got to know what my skin is like, how it reacts. What it wants and needs.

My skin is not dry. It is a tricky one, combination. I have very oily skin in the summer and quite dry in the colder seasons. The air moisture makes it oily as well. Skincare with alcohol dehydrates my skin, while thick creams sit on top of it.

I am in no way an expert, but I have learned how to balance it in every state and how to prevent issues.

I was quite happy with my routine until spring. I thought I have found the best products and was stuck with them. That was until a friend of mine introduced me to a new skin brand.

Kiehl’s Skincare

Kiehl’s as New York based apothecary in 1851. It was purchased by John Kiehl in 1894 and continued operating as a pharmacy until 1921. Then the first Kiehl’s brand products were born.

Since then the company has adopted an excellent customer-friendly tradition. They want their customers to try their products in-store and be familiar with the ingredients. Kiehl’s is one of the first companies to display them on the packaging.

For all these years the brand has expanded enormously but had always stayed in the realm of medical supplies for your skin. They claim of sourcing the best ingredients and working on unique skincare formulas.

I heard about Kiehl’s products from some YouTubers and bloggers I follow. However, the price has always looked just ridiculous to me. Yes, for some that may not be much. But for me, a student with love for discounts, a cream for 50 dollars is a bit out of my range.

As I mentioned, the first time I bought it, I was in the store with a friend. She was telling me about how amazing and magical this one cream was. It did not make her skin oily, but it deeply hydrated it. She was in love with this product and this made me curious. I ended up buying a moisturized from them. It was an oil-free lotion for normal to oily skin. On top of that, it was promising an all-day hydration.

There were a few key things that made an impression on me from the beginning. First was the store itself. Kiehl’s stores are much like what the brand is promising – apothecary skincare. As a marketing student, this was quite interesting to me. It makes you feel like this skincare brand is something serious. Much different than any conventional one. Applause for that.

What compliments this is the customer service. Walking into the store is like a dermatologist visit. You are consulted about your skin and the options you have, which I appreciate. If I had this in my teenage years, my whole idea of skincare would have been different. So, I believe it is a great thing, especially for people with no experience in this.

Second, the products themselves. The packaging is very minimalistic and is straight to the point – what is the purpose of it. It is not made to be pretty and charm you with the colours. It is made to guide you and inform you. I love this about it. It again, ensured me that the purpose is taking care of my skin. Not just having another beautiful bottle on my vanity.

A Loyal Customer

I must admit, I was very sceptical of how amazing the products were going to be. As I mentioned, expensive skincare was never something I believed much in. Not because it is not good. But not everything with a big price tag is better than the one with a smaller. The only thing I am against is blind believe in the opposite.

So, I bought a moisturizer. And it changed my skin. I thought I knew what moisturized skin is before, but I knew nothing. Their products are no magic. And this is the beauty of it. They are not made to be magic, but medicine. Medicine for the skin.

For half a year now, I refuse to use other products. Why should I? This works perfectly fine. My skin feels energized, moisturized and more elastic.

Additionally, I purchased the gel version of the oil-free moisturizer and the toner. However, I am planning for my next visit to try one of their other products and sets. First, because my skin is changing with the season. But also, I find they are very fairly priced.

I wanted to recommend these products, because I have seen first-hand how good skincare has helped me and people around me. It not only gives people confidence and belief in their own beauty. No, it also becomes a symbol of your love and respect for yourself. You pamper yourself and give yourself the best. Everyone deserves this feeling.

So, if you are experiencing any challenges with your skincare, give yourself the best. You deserve it!



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