August Picks

This post is another idea of mine for a new type of content, in which at the end of every month I will gather and talk about the tools, items or things that just made my life easier and more enjoyable and I would like to recommend to all of you as well.

Hello, readers!

First, I want to thank you all for the amazing month. August has been The Word Smoothie Blog’s strongest month in a while, with a lot of interaction and new followers. As I have put so much effort and time into this project of mine, this just fills my heart with joy.

This post is another idea of mine for a new type of content, in which at the end of every month I will gather and talk about the tools, items or things that just made my life easier and more enjoyable and I would like to recommend to all of you as well.

For me, the month of August was hard and tiring, as I had many new projects and deadlines to keep up with and constant travel. Therefore, many of the items I chose to discuss will be connected to my job responsibilities and interest. However, I believe they can easily make great use in most people’s everyday activities.

So, here are my August picks:

Zoho Vault

Zoho has other products, which I have used previously and am familiar with, such as their social media scheduling and analytics platform. Yet, the concept of Vault is something much different than that, even though both are created by the same company.

Zoho Vault is an online password manager, which provides options for personal and professional use, for free or a very appropriate price. It was introduced to me in a professional setting, as in teams it can be used to share account setting with other people in a discrete way. However, as a person, who is active on social media and uses many online tools, I have a variety of accounts and passwords I want to keep safe and most importantly remember.

Zoho not only keeps all your passwords safe (allegedly) but also has a convenient google chrome (or safari) integration, which makes it even more easy to access. Therefore, I would highly recommend it for anyone in need of such a tool.


As mentioned above, this month I have been constantly commuting back and forth, as in most days I spend up to 3 hours a day sitting in a train. I would love to spend the time reading, but it has been hard battling falling asleep in the action. So, in my need for entertaining, but somehow educational content, I have started listening to a lot of podcasts. Moreover, looking for a platform that is free, has a great variety of content, it is easy to use and does not interrupt the audio with ads.

Castbox has managed to check all those criteria and I have been very happy to find new topics and interests.

The Approachable Podcast

Talking about podcasts, there is a specific one I would also like to recommend. I found the Approachable podcast, as I have long been watching Samantha Ravndahl’s YouTube channel and was quite excited to see her in a different light on it, talking about more than makeup.

The podcast includes relatable topics as self-doubt, anxiety and mental illness, as well as simply finding your place in the world. I found it refreshing to hear their stories not so much through the prism of gurus and motivational speakers, nor telling you how you need to live your life, but simply sharing what has happened in theirs.


This is another “professional” tool, which turned out to be quite useful. Again, I had dealt with it before but rediscovered recently. Simply put, it is an online tool for scheduling your activities and tracking their progress. There are so many things that make Asana useful from sharing tasks with team-members to storing ideas for future content. Yet, the best thing about it is that you have an easy to access a list of all your tasks, displayed with a beautiful design. Nothing more to say about it.


If there is one of the items on this list that had improved my life the most, this is Canva. Working in marketing and with social media content, as well as just producing visuals for myself and my personal projects, this tool has saved me so much time. It is intuitive to use, helps you produce beautiful content and provides you with a great variety of templates, stock images, fonts and icons… for free! I rarely invest in software, but recently, I have been thinking hard about going premium.

HubSpot Classes and Certificates

Another great thing about this month was learning more about my profession, as well as acquiring handy visual skills. HubSpot has been a recommendation by my co-workers. It has many classes and lectures on various topics and industries. They are prepared by experts in each field and not only give you valuable knowledge on the topics you are interested in but the opportunity to get a certificate for your skills.


Finally, time for my last re-discovery of the month. I have an ongoing relationship with this app, as I constantly change my stance on it. I do like to use it and to have information about my nutrients, as I am a vegetarian and consuming enough proteins is my priority. However, I sometimes feel restricted by having to write down everything I eat, every day of the week. However, recently it has helped me quite a lot in keeping a balanced and nutrient full diet, as well as giving me ideas of meals when I have no ideas. Thus, I will highly recommend it to people who are looking into making changes in their lifestyle.


Here are the seven things that made my life throughout August so much better! Are you familiar with any of them? I would appreciate it if you leave a comment below letting me know or recommending products that have helped you out recently!


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