The Art of Human Contradictions

What I find the most inspiring is how much human nature resembles art. Art is exactly this, a beautiful mess of colours and emotions.

People are such bizarre creatures. Sometimes I feel like I am an alien put on this planet for some social experiment. I really do.

I am the type of person to overanalyse everything. But out of anything else, I mostly analyse people. I am just fascinated with them. Or us.

We look so happy in our little bubbles of what is comfortable and well-known. Our own universes. Life seems so simple – you sleep, eat, work, clean… motion in general. Seems very straightforward, right? However, when you look closer, you realize that people can make even the simplest things in life as complicated as rocket science. At moments I feel it is more plausible for humanity to uncover the secrets of the universe than people figuring out their love lives.

The more you dig into the human mentality, the crazier it gets. Have you ever noticed just how much we contradict ourselves on a daily basis?

Self-obsessed, but self-loathing. We pray for love while looking for sex. And the closer we get to the goal, the less interested we are in it. Love makes us happy, love drives us crazy. We cry out of happiness. We laugh out of fear.

Technologically, we are more connected than ever, but yet so isolated. We work hard for our plastic, expensive lives and then we are too busy and tired to enjoy it.

We are good and we are bad. Both vicious and kind. Objectively subjective.

People are broken. Imperfect. The more people I meet, the more I realize it. The more I see it in myself as well.

I can be crazily emotional, but I can be stoic. I am strong but very weak. Some people say my presence is calming, while at the same time my head is such an anxious mess.

Oh, we are all so crooked and incomplete. There are some people who claim or look like they are perfect and put together. Like they got their lives into their hands. I think those people are the most broken of us all.

We are confused. Frustrated. Wondering through life, trying to find our path. So lost. So flawed and yet so beautiful. The more flawed, the better.

Have you noticed how in literature and movies, the characters who are just in between the good and evil are the most beloved ones? The Game of Thrones persona with a divided heart and morals. This is because they are the most complex and intriguing, but also the most realistic ones.

So, it is evident that fiction imitates life and life imitates fiction.

However, what I find the most inspiring is how much human nature resembles art. Art is exactly this, a beautiful mess of colours and emotions. So, what I have come to believe is that every human is a piece of art. We keep drawing forward with even brighter colours and fearless strobes. This is our purpose.


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