1 Year of Word Smoothie and 26 Posts Later: What I Learned in the Process

To be fair, it sounds quite simple. However, as it comes from within yourself, it means so much more than a list of articles in a website.

2018 was crazy, impulsive and chaotic. There were many tears of joy and sorrow, many causes for laughter and tons of successes. The Word Smoothie blog was definitely the best way to bring all of those emotions together.

When we started the blog, we wanted to create something different and mostly inspire each other to write more often. However, it turned out to be something way more than this. Word Smoothie is our child, therapy, inspiration and most of anything else, an archive of everything we are, we were and experienced. It almost feels like all emotions we put out into this world through the blog taught us how to deal with our own struggles and how important learning from them is.

Therefore, without further explanation, here are 6 lessons this one year gave me:

1. Blogs are not dead. People are not so superficial. – Before starting the blog, I did not really think there are many people left out there who read blogs. And even if they did, I thought the old-school blogs that I remember were taken over by lifestyle articles and stylish beauty gurus. Not that there is something wrong with this. I love me some bags and make-up. However, I honestly felt like most people stopped thinking about what is beneath the surface.
I couldn’t have been so far from the truth. Throughout this one year, we did not only find many other blogs with similar agenda to ours but attracted many invested, returning readers. Far more than we ever expected, for which we are greatly thankful. This is the main thing that keeps us inspired and drives us forward.

2. Be yourself. There is always someone that will appreciate it. – No matter your interests and view of the world, there is someone out there that will not only agree with you but support you passionately. Moreover, a community from which you can learn a ton. There is a niche for you and there is no reason to be afraid to be yourself.
There is one quote on the tip of my tongue, which describes this dilemma perfectly, especially in the light of today’s social media channels and our constant fight to express ourselves in order to reach and many times impress others:

“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.”
― Andre Gide, Autumn Leaves

Even more importantly, all of these social platforms – for bloggers, vloggers, influencers and etc. are places to find a community. This is their core purpose. It is not a one-sided process of simply posting a selfie in order to prove your ex what he is missing in life, but so much more. Something we would love to build with our blog.

3. Try to aim for happiness rather than success. – Did it cost us money, time and effort to create this blog? Yes. Did it give us the same resources in return? No. But did it inspire us, made us happy and motivated? It sure did.
Sometimes success is measured only by the heart. Lesson learned.

4. Quality over quantity. – In the beginning we tried to be active twice a week. It turned out to be impossible for our schedule. Then to write as much as possible and schedule posts so we don’t miss deadlines. At the end of the day perusing numbers turned out to be deadly for our inspiration. The more we pushed ourselves, the less ideas and motivation we had. You can nourish inspiration, but you cannot force it. Which brings me to the next point:

5. No matter how much you love a project, you need to discipline yourself in order to finish it. – It is hard to even put words into this one. No matter how much you love something, at times everything feels a little less like love and more like work. However, you owe yourself and the child of your brain the best you can give. Even at times in which it feels uncomfortable, impossible or simply too much work.

6. Input vs. output. – Some things have a niche, but good things are universally good. Not that I think I am a phenomenon writer, but some articles I wrote are very much loved by everyone that read them. Others just fill in the quota. What differs them from one another is how deeply I felt when writing them. The more I spoke from my heart, the more people I reached.

This occurs not only in writing. What you put in a project, relationship or your self-improvement is most likely the quantity of the outcome you will receive. Do not hesitate to devote yourself, as you have more to give than you realise.


To sum up, having a blog has been a deep and eye-opening experience. To be fair, it sounds quite simple. However, as it comes from within yourself, it means so much more than a list of articles in a website.

Therefore, both me and Andreea are so thankful for every click, comment or e-mail.
Join us in another year of two retired teenagers discovering the world!


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