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What defines beauty? What is your worth? What is your mission in life? Join me in a discussion on body positivity, self-perception and self-love.

Hello, Smoothaholics!

For today’s article, I was inspired by a few different issues, I believe are very important to discuss – body positivity, self-perception and self-love. Many people put those issues in one bucket. Or as the trends follow, use them as a topic of feminism. As much as I love the thought of though, strong women who find power within themselves and not in people’s perception in them, I believe those are issues we all, humans, share in common and suffer from.

To start, I want to shine some light on the meaning and purpose behind Word Smoothie. Just before we started the blog, I was in a situation that I lost the meaning of what is important. I lost my inner fire and ambition and I was not seeing the purpose in a world full of materialism and no soul. No interest in the things beyond flesh.

I remember reading blogs in my teenage years. Blogs back then were way different. They were focusing on the writing, on the words and the meaning behind them, not on the design and the number of followers. They were all about the conversation, rather than the income. On the world’s problems, on the human’s inner soul, books and their value… It was a different world and I loved being a part of it.

However, in recent years blogs became more and more of an extension of Instagram posts and less of real articles. Short posts based mainly on pictures and focused on material value – clothes, make-up, technology, food and let’s not forget DIY everything. Don’t get me wrong, there is place for everything on the internet and audience for all of it. However, I feel like in this world we live in today, our bodies are the centre of attention and our minds and souls are left behind.

So, in Word Smoothie, me and Andreea wanted to bring light to what we feel has been forgotten – the origins of all there is – the trinity of mind, body and soul. Because for us beauty lays beyond the bones.

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Let’s start with body positivity, as this is the most heavily discussed topic these days.

Can you answer the question: What is beauty?

Is it your innocent face? Your lips, your lashes and eyes?

Is it your body? Your flat belly, rounded chest and buttocks or long legs?

Or is it the opposite, your petite charisma?

Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder. It is in the work of the artist. And let me tell you, you are the artist of your face, body and heart. You create your worth.

Have you noticed how often we describe features based on what characteristics they hint the person is carrying? Kind/sad eyes and cheerful smile, for example.

Especially in literature authors often use the features of their characters to describe their inner self. Big lips and mouth show us a chatty and talkative person, big eyes suggest innocence, a long nose implies a person lies often and etc. Of course, this is just a literary technique, but it says a lot of how we perceive other people.

A face is not pretty only for its features, it is pretty for its character. For the emotions it translates. For the person it reveals you to be.

A body is not sexy for its curves, or for its perfection. It is sexy for its power. For all it enables you to be and achieve.

At the end of the day your soul is your strongest value, as it shapes all you are. It translates in all your visible features. For the power it gives you to express everything you hold inside, to roar loud, run fast, lift the weight of the world and fight for everything you believe in.

The spirit you carry is your true beauty.

Your face will grow older, your body will decay, but all the energy you put in this world will last through the generations. As a real artist, your art will outlast you.

So, cut waiting all that power trying to fit a twisted society’s fixation on the outside. The trendy body shape changes every year. The definition of a graceful soul is eternal.


Starting this blog, I found the motivation to keep looking for a meaning. I found my voice again. The desire in me to inspire, fight for my morals and all I believe is important in this world. Moreover, I re-discovered what I was born with – the great fire in my veins.

Through the years I tamed my energy. I became calmer, wiser, still a bit noisy, but not so out there as I once was. However, even though I plan my eruptions better, the fire in me as strong as ever. I became a mindful volcano. As impactfull as always, though.

What is this fire I talk about, you may ask.

It is all I am. As “modestly” as it sounds, I always thought my great passion for life is meant for greatness. My fire is strong enough to fire up the world and there is nothing that can change my mind – no words, no failure. I am not made to back down.

I feel like I am a vessel. Lava runs through my veins, bubbles and screams loudly with the desire to get out. To reach people and spread the fire. What a lovely way to burn!

There is the point I want to make as bold as possible for all of you to comprehend. The fire in you is your identity. Your motivation, passion, ambition, talents, your heart and soul, they are all what you are here to give to this world. They are your value.

Science says we have at least a few doubles around the globe. People, who look stunningly similar to us. How funny it is to think about this. Our DNA is completely unique; however, it seems our faces and bodies are following a repetitive layout.

Your soul however is a completely different thing. People share similar characteristics and ethics in this life – we all have a similar compass of what good and bad is, of what is moral. We share the same emotions – positive and negative – of motivation, passion, love, envy, desire, ambition, hatred, pain and sorrow. And even though all of those combine in variations, just like our chromosomes, we all feel so vastly different. So unique. Even the society is not strong enough to shape all there is in us. Your lasting character is your true fire.

We are all born for something great and no other person is responsible for our worth, nor should be able to take it away from us. No parent, no lover, no friend. You house your talents, you should be the one firing them up and the one to tame them.

You light up the room with your own fire, there is no need to reflect someone else’s light.

You are equipped with all the weapons needed to set the world on fire. Burn it down and shape it the way you want it. This is your super power.


Knowing how powerful you are, you owe yourself all the respect there is. You owe yourself ambition, constant work and effort to be better, to keep your integrity, face your morals and keep your soul intact and your heart beating, feeling all there is to feel. To learn from every pump.

All you do you should do for you and no one else. No love should cost your identity as sacrifice, as if you cannot love yourself, you will not be able to truly love anyone else.

It will not be easy, as the things that are less important – our body and other people’s perception will always be there to bring us down. It is just how our society is built, upon evaluation. However, we are way more than flesh and bones.

If at the end of the day you still find it hard to feel this fiery love in yourself, feel mine. I have fire strong enough to feed everyone there is and I will keep trying to reach you all and inspire your self-love. This seems to be my true purpose. Have you found yours?


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