Unforgettable Experiences

This season was about unexpected stories, growing up, not only professionally, but also personally; it was about experiences, connections and learning to enjoy the best of everything.

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These are only some of the words that can describe my last summer.

I know it is already November, but for me, it feels like summer has just ended. Yes, I have started to wear warm jackets a few weeks ago, but I feel like it was yesterday when I left summer behind, on a beautiful Spanish island.

This season was about unexpected stories, growing up, not only professionally, but also personally; it was about experiences, connections and learning to enjoy the best of everything.

I never thought about how much an internship can change you. I heard this story plenty of times, about how an experience like this is going to tailor not only your professional side but also you as a person.

Here I am in the exact same place where I was 3 months ago when I was stepping into a new unknown adventure that was going, more or less, to change my life and the person that I am today.

Three months ago, I’ve started my internship at a lovely hotel at an island where it seems that is always summer- Mallorca. I’ve started this experience a little bit nervous, but at the same time excited for a new chapter that was going to begin. I didn’t know what to expect. I was just aiming and hoping for a summer that was going to tailor my professional side and to help me in building my dream career. There were many challenging moments, but in the end, all contributed to an overall unforgettable experience.

I have learned a lot from this summer, more than I expected. I am not talking only about hotel operations, I am talking about me as a person and me as part of the hotel business.

I have learned how to control my emotions, and how to find the right solution during demanding situations. I fell in love more and more with this industry. I fell in love with the hotel atmosphere. Hospitality is more than just one of my passions, hospitality is a part of me. Every moment of this summer, even though it might have been difficult, has motivated me to do my best to accomplish my dreams and to pursue my career in this amazing industry.

Now, looking back to those three months I can honestly say that I didn’t grow up only professionally but also personally.

I can admit that some days were tough. I got a better look into adulthood life. I have learned that sometimes you have to place the customers’ needs before yours if you would like to offer an excellent service.

This summer was also about connections. I have learned to let go and to open my heart and my soul for new experiences. As they say, “every ending is a new beginning”. I have created connections that I know are going to be for a lifetime. I laughed and cried. I enjoyed the dance of the waves under the moonlight and the view of breathtaking sunrises.

There will follow another article with some tips and tricks about how to choose your internship place. However, I would like to end this one by saying that this internship helped me to be the person I am today.

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