Thoughts About the Multiverse

Today’s article will not provide you with new insights or information. It will not teach you a new skill or make your life easier. However, it will bring attention to the things you see and experience every day without even noticing.

Have you ever looked at the sky during a full moon and realized how big this stone in the sky actually is, somewhere there, miles and miles away from you? I used to do this often when I was traveling with my parents as a kid, wondering how this is even possible. These thoughts always left me feeling small and insecure. However, they always fired my fascination with space.

Some people never stop and think about how small we actually are in the vastly growing universe. We are a small dot, a mere mot compared to the megapolitan giants called planets and stars. Our minds cannot even comprehend the difference in size. And this excites me, it is amazing! This world is truly incredible!

I wish I could see all of those wonderful worlds, hot planets with rains of iron, moons with storms lasting for millions of years, places made of diamonds with two or more suns, coming straight of the science-fiction books, which I always loved. And even though this is completely impossible, my mind never stops wondering off to those distant and bizarre destinations.

Are you familiar with the theory about the multiverse? It basically is the hypothesis that beyond the universe in which all those amazing places exist, there are more, parallel universes. If this is correct, imagine how many other words could be found somewhere out there. Moreover, imagine how much paltrier our own existence becomes.

However, this is not where my thoughts are bringing me. The existence of humanity, as it is today, is a pure miracle. Something that developed for millions and millions of years. Just think about what a magic your body and mind are. You not only are able to breathe, eat, motion, but also to adapt, evolve and learn. You are able to not only solve simple problems but think, create and feel. You speak a language, one of many created by us, humans, and express amazing ideas every day. So, no matter what, you are a marvel, an intriguing phenomenon that can hardly be explained.

Following this chain of thoughts, have you ever been in an argument with somebody and noticed that no matter how hard you try to explain yourself and reach your partner, your words inevitably turn into a completely different story when received? This question may seem a bit off the topic of space, the universe and the existence of man, however, I believe its answer proves an interesting point. Most likely, you have answered with “yes”.

What does this mean? Even though people are from the same species, we can all be vastly different in nature and character. Moreover, our understanding of the world and perception of reality may also differentiate. If you think about it, we all exist in a little bubble called “mind” and everything we see, feel and understand reaches us through a funnel from the outside world. Therefore, we never seem to be in the same place, with the same opinion and thoughts with the others, even though it seems like it.

Can’t we compare this bubble to a small universe? Did you pick up on that… “universe”? If our minds are small universes, wouldn’t this make the planet Earth, our world a multiverse of a kind? This fascinates me.

I am not a religious person and I do not seek for universal truths about the human existence, but for me, no matter what the beginning of life is, there for sure is divine repetition in concept and ideas. Further, it runs some fire through my veins thinking about it, asking questions and drawing lines between ideas.

Is it only me? Are you interested in diving into the grand scale of things? In searching for something more to life, than existing? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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