How did I start writing?

I guess writing has a specific meaning for all of us. Some of people are writing to relax, to communicate or to influence readers, while others are writing because this is their passion, or maybe their job.

For me writing is more than a passion. It is one of the ways I express myself, the way to move on after different situations, to escape from this world for at least a few seconds.

It all started in high school, when I have decided to write down all the important events during that period. Therefore, I took a notebook and I named it “The notebook with memories”. (So original, right?)

The first pages were about a guy. I was so crazy about him, so I decided to write down the story. After some time, I stopped because I realized that everything I felt for him was gone. But I continued to write about other things, about my life, about me.

Every time when something amazing, awful or unusual happened to me I was writing there. Not to mention that, during high school I had the great opportunity to travel a lot, so I was collecting different little, symbolical things from every place that I visit. Therefore, the main topics were: school, boys, friends, parties, travel, fun, dreams and goals.

As every teenager I had to go through different situations which at that moment seemed for me like real nightmares (even though those were just little issues that every teen has to deal with). This is how I realized the effect that writing has on me.

I was writing about every little problem: how it makes me feel, how that happened. Once everything was written down I wasn’t focusing on the problem anymore, I was focusing on the solution. The fact that helped me to move on.

Looking back and reading those pages from the perspective of the person that I am right now, I have to say that I was a REAL DRAMA QUEEN. I was making every little insignificant issue look like an enormous problem. I wasn’t a drama queen in the real life, but I was in my little world from that notebook.

Not to mention that by reading it now I can realize how much I have changed from the first page to the last. Is great to find what were your thoughts when you were 16 and what were your opinions when you were 19. I was also writing down all my wishes and goals. You can’t imagine how amazing it was to cross something from the list every time when I achieved it. It encouraged me to keep on dreaming and to work harder.

Even though I have exaggerated a lot in that notebook it still represents a piece of my soul. It was a world where no-one, except me, had access to. That is why I have decided to offer this as a gift to two people that I care the most on this world.

That notebook was how I realised that writing has a great effect on me. That is why I continued.

Writing helps me to move on and to work harder in order to achieve my dreams. Not to mention that by reading pages from the past I realise how much I have evolved. A fact that gives me power to continue, to be more self confident and to work hard to design the life I want to live in.

The way I am writing has changed during years. I am still writing about personal experiences but in another way. As you can see I am not a drama queen anymore and I love to share my positive moods and thoughts with others in order to inspire more and more people to live a happy life. I just love to be happy and to see happy people around me.

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