Let’s be happy

I see more and more people my age being unmotivated, sad or insecure about their strengths and their capabilities.

Yes, I know. We all have our problems and we all have to deal with situations that might bring us down. I know that life is not always pink, and we cannot control everything that happens. However, we have the power to set goals, to reach them and to create the life we want to live. We cannot control it totally, but we can control the way we think and act.

I like to present myself as a happy and optimistic person.  I love to share smiles and to spread my positive energy everywhere I go. Yes, of course I also have my ‘bad days’. (Who doesn’t?) I guess we all have experienced those days when we don’t like anything from our wardrobe, when our haircut doesn’t look cool anymore and almost everything bothers us. I am talking about those days when we have the feeling that the Universe is no longer with us. When we feel depressed and all of our motivation has left us.

Yes, I’ve been there. But even in those days, I am trying to remind myself all the amazing reasons why I should be happy and thankful for.

Here are some of things that I do to keep my motivation up, stay positive and reach my goals:


Sometimes might seem impossible. You know that you did your best but you’re not sure if you’re going to reach your goal. Just don’t lose your hope! Believe, trust in yourself, think positive!

Hope for the best. Hope that your dream will become real. If you don’t believe in your dreams who will do it? If you believe that something is possible to achieve, then you will have the power to reach it.


A few years ago, I read a book named The Alchemist (I definitely recommend it ) and as Paulo Coelho said: “When you really want something all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. I strongly rely on these words!

That is why I believe that when we really want to achieve something, we have the power to do our best, to cross the borders, to escape from our comfort zone. All of this just to make our dream real.

Set up a goal, think about all the steps and GO FOR IT!

When I was in my last year of high school, one of my goals was to be accepted to my dream university.  I remember that I wrote down this goal, together with all the needed steps to achieve it, and I posted it on a board next to my desk. This was really helpful for me, especially during those endless nights when I was studying for the final exam. I felt tired, exhausted, but everything written on that board reminded me which was my goal and motivated me to continue working hard. I knew where I wanted to be, and I did my best.

So here I am, studying my favorite subject at my dream university, in Denmark. Dreams do come true, if you believe in them and if you do your best to achieve them.


Don’t surround yourself with sadness and negativity! Look around and remind yourself about all the things for which you should be happy and thankful. Stay motivated. Love yourself and everything that surrounds you. Share your positive vibes with others. Enjoy every sunrise and let the aromas of the spring flowers get into your soul.


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