Spring Clean Your Closet and Load Up Your Mind

As spring poured out its grace upon us, I started seeing more and more bloggers and influencers being inspired by the topic of spring cleaning. And why not – we shred our fluffy coats and a new shade of ourselves is hatched. But is it only our closet that desperately needs a change? Yes, for sure there we will find a thing or two we should have given up on ages ago, but isn’t it what is happening in our lives the true reason why we need those cleaning sprees in the first place? (Not excluding the fact how higgledy-piggledy we actually are, as well though!)

So, here are a few things we should all consider throwing out of our emotional closet, when cleaning this spring.


Having an optimistic approach to life is essential in order to strive and achieve your goals. Stress, negativity and drama are the things, which will surely bring no happiness in your life. They are the one pair of shoes which always hurts your feet, but they were too expensive, so you keep them in your closet and occasionally try them with the hope the leather got softer. Surprise, it rarely does. No matter the price, they never repay.

Just let go. Or try to see things from a different perspective. If you donate them, someone who really needs them will be able to wear them. Moreover, they will create space for new pairs. Doesn’t sound too bad now, right? In everything, there is beauty and positivity. It depends only on the way you choose to see it.


The most common thing I hear people say when refusing a great opportunity is: I can’t. Sadly, people consider themselves to be strong and capable, only when there is no trouble to overcome. But this is not the truth. People are capable of amazing achievements. Your body is a machine and your mind is something divine, magical. And even if you just sit and watch TV, your pure existence is a miracle. Again, a question of perspective. You can choose to see your flaws or see the opportunities and strive for more. The more you work on yourself, the less insecurities you will see. To become the person you want to be, you need to respect the journey. And to conquer the world, you need to first conquer your mind.


Even the most forgiving people have moments to which they return in the depts of night to rethink. People who let us down, situations in which we were not strong enough, we all have our faults and our demons. But the past is in the past. Grasping for it, will only harm us. Forgive, but don’t forget. Don’t let grudges torment your soul, learn from them.

Bad Habits

Smoking, drinking, cheating, whatever it is, that you are aware of, but never have the patience to change, it is never too late to start. And there is no better time than this spring.

Formulas, that don’t work

This diet that doesn’t work, but you keep following, the guy who keeps knocking on your door and things never end well, the friend that keeps stabbing you in the back or simply your ancient computer, which always seems to find the worst moment to break down… We all have been in the trap of using the same formula over and over again, even though we know it never works.

Even if it is highly disputable if Einstein himself said it, it is still the pure definition of insanity to repeat the same thing again and again and expect different results.

When you stop running in circles, you will finally be able to utilize your entire energy into new and more important aspects of your life.

Definitions and boxes you don’t fit it

I keep buying clothes I wish I will be able to wear one day, when I lose some weight. A crop top, or a very skinny dress. Something I will definitely be insecure to wear in the present. Definitely out of my style. So, they keep piling up to the point in which I have nothing to wear now, TODAY.

And for sure, one day, I will finally get my body in the shape I want it to be. However, I will still not wear those clothes. Because they are not who I am, they are some imaginary me, which would supposedly appear when I achieve my goal. This is my superficial idea of how skinny people dress. Don’t put yourself in boxes you don’t fit into.


Moreover, even if you know your place in life, many people will have opinions on what THEY think you should do and where you should fit. Pleasing those expectations may temporary be fulfilling, however, cheating on yourself will hurt you the most at the end.

Temporary happiness

We all have those small, unhealthy addictions – the muffin you are going to eat and later regret, the shot of vodka you despise in the morning or spending all your money on clothes. But surely, even though they do bring us happiness in the short run, most of the time this happiness does not last long. Furthermore, outweighing the positives and negatives, you can clearly notice that the regret lasts longer. Let’s try taking decisions and actions, which bring us real happiness, and not only scratch our naïve brains.


Lastly, what I would advise you ditching is the sentence “I will do it later” – familiar to every master procrastinator like me. At first, it feels like narcotics, you are free like a bird, you have the whole time in the world, but at the end, it is a poison. You wake up with a panic attack. When was the deadline?

Moreover, we tend to overlook the things closest to our hearts and projects meaning much to us, just because they have no deadlines.

Get yourself active, choose your goals and milestones and never stop striving. You can always do more, be more, want more. Don’t settle for mediocre.

It is spring, the sun is shining and warming our bodies. We are ready to share our new looks and clothes. Let’s surprise everyone this year and share the most expensive accessories, the ones that cannot be bought – our minds!


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