Why I love Aalborg

There have been exactly seven months since I moved to Aalborg. I am glad that I can call this place my home.I still remember my first day here. It was a lovely rainy afternoon and a little bit cold for me, but all of these didn’t stop me to be over excited about my first steps in my new life.

I have experienced a lot since my first day here and I am in love with this city and its citizens.

Here are some of the reasons why I love Aalborg:

You can go by bike everywhere.

I was born and raised in a big city and it wasn’t that simple to cross it from one point to another especially by bike.  Here people are used to go by bike to school, to parities, shopping and wherever is needed. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the public transport program or to wait plenty of time to get a cab. You can just use your bike!

They know how to enjoy every gleam of sun

It is amazing to see how most of the people go by the fiord or stay in their balcony just to feel the heat of the sun on their skin.  Every sunny day you can see people relaxing, reading a book or drinking a beer while taking a sunbath.  After a long dark winter this image warms your heart. I LOVE IT.

They really know to create a hygge atmosphere

If you come to Denmark you will definitely hear the word HYGGE which means: warm, cozy.  During wintertime all the coffees shops have candles and the warm ambiance created inside makes you feel really comfortable. Is wonderful to stay at Espresso House or Baresso to enjoy a good book and to drink a delicious chai latte while outside is snowing like in a fairytale.

You’re more motivated to have healthy lifestyle

Even though is raining, snowing or the wind is blowing there is  always  someone running or doing outside exercise. Most of the people are in really good shape and they seem that they  care about organic food. That is why you can find a lot of organic products in supermarkets or at organic coffee shops like We feat. All of these made me to be more aware of my diet and to participate in sport activities.

Moreover, when I say healthy lifestyle, I am not thinking only about body but also about soul. If you take a walk in the city you will see plenty of people who spend their free time reading. Not to mention that library is full almost every day. They come there to read the newspaper or a book, to study or to work on projects

Everybody is nice with everybody

I like when I walk on the streets and I meet people who smile for no reason. I really love that. I enjoy seeing happy persons around me. It charges my heart with positive energy. Not to mention that if help is needed they are always willing to help you even though they don’t know you.

Danish food is delicious

I would definitely recommend Frikadeller (Danish meat balls) with potato salat. Frikadeller are Danish meat balls  served with a creamy tasty sauce. And the best way to end this delicious meal is with the famous Dream Cake as a dessert.

Everything is digitalised

If you would like to make an appointment to doctor, to pay taxes or to see when your bus is leaving you can access all of this online. Everything is really well organized, and you have access to most of the needed information from home.

The vibes form this city

Aalborg gives me a great vibe. Life seems to be so peaceful here, everybody is relaxed.  Here you have the possibility to study, have fun, learn, sit back and enjoy everything that surrounds you. You can feel safe, you can feel home.

All of these been said I love Aalborg. Not only because of these reasons but also because of all I have experienced here and because this city made me feel like home. Not to mention that this city has a special signification for me. This is the place where I entered into the adulthood life. I guess every place we visit or we move to has a significant meaning for us. Even though you want, or not, a pice of your heart will always be in that place. Since now,  for me Aalborg represent the start for a new amazing beginning.

I don’t know if you have ever been to Aalborg but if you didn’t I definitely recommend you to come at least for one weekend in this amazing city.

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  1. This is nice.

  2. Did you move here in the summer? I moved to Denmark in the dreary month of November with no sun, and just icy fog to look at. Not everything is always cheery in this country, but that is a matter of opinion isn’t it?

    • Hello,
      Thank you for you comment! Well, I moved here in the beginning of autumn, so I can say that I saw the “dark side of Denmark ” too. Everything has its own good and bad parts. Perfection doesn’t exist. However we still have the power to see the best in everything and to make our lives beautiful.

      Don’t forget to smile,

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