What would you like to become when you’ll grow up?

I don’t know about you, but I heard this question a million times. Starting from the age of seven adults used to asked me what I would like to become when I grow up.

Is seems so simple when you’re a child and it gets so complicated as you grow up.

At the beginning I didn’t know what to answer but then starting from the age of 8 I was saying that I want to become a lawyer. I was so proud about my answer since most of the kids of my age wanted to become Barbie girls, Spiderman or they didn’t know what to say. Everything seemed so simple for me back then. I didn’t know why I wanted to become a lawyer and to be honest I didn’t even know what that job actually meant. But I was happy because I had an answer that adults seemed to appreciate.

With my 8 years mind I thought that I will grow up, I will go to law school and then I will be great successful lawyer. So simple, right? This is what I thought back then.

I’ve learned that while you grow up life gives you the chance to experience, to learn and to see everything from another perspective. Therefore, you start to change. You start to build up your goals based on your own desires and opinions.

Eight years later, when things started to be more serious, I realized that being a lawyer wasn’t what I wanted anymore.

Children around me started all to have a serious answer. They didn’t want to become princesses or superheroes anymore. They had a specific target and they seemed to be sure about it. While I didn’t know what I want to do but I was too afraid to say it out loud.

Because I considered it as a shame for a 16-year-old girl who has always been an A student not to be sure about what she wants to become (this was only my impression). I was always looking for people’s appreciation and I forgot to take into consideration what I really wanted.

I’ve always had something for tourism. I have always loved to travel, and I was always curios about how a hotel is managed. I could have spent an entire day in the hotel lobby just watching how the receptionist interacts with the customers.

But at that moment I didn’t know what this passion could mean to me. I was still lying myself that I want to become a lawyer.

They say that everything in life happens with a reason and at the right time. That is why in my 16thsummer holiday I had the amazing chance to be accepted to work in the hospitality industry. Since then I realized that I can start a carrier based on my passion for hospitality and tourism.

Beside the joy of working in a hotel I became more excited when I stared to do a research about hotel operations. I fell in love with hospitality industry and suddenly I had a new target. And at the same time an answer to ‘’what you would like to become’’ question.

Since I was little I had a passion for traveling and tourism, but I didn’t think of my passion as a carrier. After my 16thsummer, I realized what I truly want to do in life. Therefore, I started to do my best in order to accomplish my dream.

We don’t have to give the right answer all the time, just to get people’s appreciation. We don’t have to be ashamed to confess when we simply don’t know.

You might get the people’s appreciation but at the end of the day, it is just you with yourself. I was scared that I might disappoint someone. But I  was disappointing myself, because I wasn’t brave enough to tell the truth.

My point is that we shouldn’t be afraid to say that we don’t know all answers in life. With every step we make, we learn something new.

Life gives you the opportunity to change your perspectives and to set other goals.

The important aspect is to ‘’do what makes you happy’’, what gives you satisfaction, what makes you wake up early in the morning with a smile on your face.

Just find what really makes you happy and GO for it!

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  1. Hi 🌻
    I really enjoyed reading this article, such a great job.
    In my case was it a singer, haha. Well, it all disappeared somehow.. I took another path. Its hard to predict what future will bring 🙂
    Anyway, I am looking forward to read another one. Kisses

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your comment! I am really happy that you like it! Yes, that is right, you never know what life will bring to you! However we have to be honest with ourselves and to do our best to accomplish our dreams!

      I wish you all the best,

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