Finding Your Inner Beauty

Have you ever changed your outfit before going out just because you were afraid of someone’s opinion?  Have you ever given up from eating chocolate just because someone said something inappropriate about your body?

If the answer is “no” to of all of those questions, then I would like to congratulate you.  You are great!  I am still struggling with these problems.

I believe that nowadays we give too much importance on the appearance. We invest money and time in our looks, but we forget to take care of our souls.

Let me tell you something.  We could easily change the way we are on the outside. We can adopt a complete new style, dye our hair, or even do plastic surgeries. The question is if we do all of these for us or just for our image?

I am not saying that we should stop caring about our looks. Of course, we should care. What I am trying to say is that we should stop creating an appearance that doesn’t represent ourselves and we should also invest in our souls.

Do you want to lose weight? That is great but do it because YOU WANT not because someone told you to do so. Do you want to dye your hair?  That is awesome but do it because this is what you want. Don’t do it just to look like your favorite singer.  Do you want to do a plastic surgery? Do it because you want it not because some says that your lips are too little.  Do you want to become a better person? Don’t focus just on your appearance and invest in your mind and soul as well!

We should stop caring about what other people think. We should stop letting others’ opinions to change who we really are.  Your beauty begins on the inside.

The most important is to feel confident with yourself.  You won’t get this self-confidence just by wearing a fashion dress. Or maybe you would but only for a short time. You will have to take of you mask at one point.  And then when you remove all your make up and take off that dress it will be just you and yourself.

Beauty is not only defined by the way you dress, the way you cut your hair, or the way make up.  Beauty is also about your personality about how we are on the inside.

And more important: DO NOT FORGET ABOUT YOUR SOUL. Your real beauty is inside you. Your appearance will never change your inside, but your inner beauty has the power to change your outside.  Don’t become a plastic, feed your soul!

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Photo Credits: Angela Smuda

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