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Everybody is looking for happiness. Unfortunately, sometimes we are waiting for future moments and we forget to enjoy the present.  We are in a hurry to arrive to different destinations, to reach goals or to respect deadlines. Why do we do this? To find happiness, to have a happy and beautiful life.

The problem is that we don’t live the moment and we are waiting for what will come. We forget to enjoy the journey.  We should just stop from this haste and try to appreciate little things that might make us happy.

A happy life is not only about what will be but also about how you arrive there. When you are going to a holiday you should also enjoy the ride not only the final destination.

I have to confess that sometimes I am also captured in this trap. When I have exams, I am waiting to finish and to pass. But I forget to enjoy the process of learning.  I am stressed to do my best and to deliver projects in time. I know that some activities might be overwhelming and all we want are great results. But these great results could be reached also if we do our work with joy.

I realized that I set goals for, but I usually forget to enjoy the process. I am caught by myself in this ambush. We let ourselves captured in this search for happiness. I believe that happiness could also be found in present moments.

When was the last time when you enjoyed your ride to school or to work? When was the last time when you had a coffee with your friend and you were present there with your body and also with your mind? When was the last time when you smiled for no specific reason?

It is perfectly normal to set goals and to wait with eagerness to reach them. It is normal to make a plan for your future. But we can do this and enjoy the wind of the present. Life is made of unique moments. We shouldn’t waist any of it.

I believe that for a beautiful life is important to appreciate every minute and to stop waiting for future moments.  What is with this rush?  You can arrive there if you enjoy the process as well.

We should focus more on what we are doing now without dreaming about the future. When you do something give it your full attention. If you go for a walk look around, enjoy, recharge your body with energy and your soul with joy.

Let’s just slow down a little bit. Look around. Smile and appreciate every second! You can still reach your destination with an optimistic attitude.

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