Don’t let the mask you wear hide your smile!

We are free to dream and to desire everything! We have the potential to be unique in a world full of people! We are free to be ourselves. However, sometimes we are tying to be someone else. Why? The answer is as simple. Because we want to get people’s attention. Because we want to please everyone.

I remember that I used to change myself based on my friends’ opinions. I was trying to adopt my outfit, my appearance and also my behavior based on their expectations. All of these just to be like them. Which was completely wrong.

First of all, real friends don’t encourage you to be someone else. Real friends respect and appreciate who you really are. They enjoy spending time with you, not with the person you are trying to imitate.

Secondly, if you try to be like others in order to satisfy them, you will lose your identity. You will lose your value of being unique. And more important, you will lose yourself. Nobody likes to spend time with a person who is frustrated and can’t find his self-confidence.

Nowadays, we are following different celebrities, bloggers and politicians on social media. We are more focused on what they’re doing, how they dress up and what they ate than we are on our lives. We set goals based on their experiences. We are trying to be as much as possible like them.

I have to say that I used to spend several hours just scrolling on Instagram and checking on some blogger’s life. I remember that once I bought the exact same pair of high heels as my favorite blogger. Every time when I wore them I was stressed. I didn’t know how to walk on heels and I didn’t feel comfortable. I was afraid for every step that I made and I couldn’t enjoy the moment.

Therefore, I realized that this was not my style. Those pair of shoes didn’t represent who I was. I was pretending to be another person just to get others’ admiration. I was lying myself and also the people around me. One day I decided to stop trying to be who I wasn’t. I decided to be me.

Nothing in this world could give you the confidence and the power to accomplish your goals if you are not satisfied with yourself, if you are not happy on the inside.

I am that kind of girl who feels better in a nice pair of Nikes than in any other shoes. Maybe you will never see yourself in sport shoes. But this is who I am, and I like to be in ‘’my shoes’’.

Trust me, it feels great to be you!

I know it could be hard at the beginning. Just try! Believe in yourself. And learn to appreciate yourself more. Let’s the world see your natural and unique beauty, don’t be part of the society’s pattern. Our dreams should reflect our own desires. We should stop creating goals and expectations based on someone’s opinions.

You will never be able to please everyone. There will always be one person that won’t like your laugh, your hair or your voice. If you are proud of who you are, don’t let society change you.

Be yourself! Don’t let your mask hide your smile.

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