The Motivation Journey

I had a period in my life in which I found no reason in waking up. I was laying in bed every morning, suffocated by tasks and deadlines, but with no real reason to get out of bed. Nothing I want to do, nothing I am looking forward to. I felt like my motivation took a vacation in the Caribbean and I was left behind in the coldness of reality. No magical island for me.

I am pretty sure you had one of those days too. The problem is, sometimes they turn into weeks or even months. But there is nothing, nothing that comes your way and makes you excited. It is not a state, it is a lack of one.

I wanted, as a contrast to everything written before to walk you not through the mindset of a person, who lacks motivation in whom you can recognize yourself, but more of as a question – How to find your motivation? How to improve the energy of your days?

My answer is – motivation doesn’t come to you. It is not coming and going as a train and you cannot just sit down and wait for the next one. Things are never that easy. I believe realising this is the first step towards finding yours. This is something you need to actively work towards in order to achieve. Yes, I know, doesn’t sound easy, but believe me, it is worth the try. We, people are achievement-driven creatures, we need a purpose, some reason, that brings us happiness.

But here comes this important question – How do you find it? Where do you look for it?

What I find helps me get on my feet is change. If things are not working the way they are supposed to – something is wrong. So, work on it. I find action to be a great motivator. Start with baby steps, the process is quite lengthy anyway.

  1. Set a goal – Remember this thing you always wanted to commit to, but never really found the time or the motivation about? This is the perfect time for it. Challenge yourself, get out of your comfortable zone. Give yourself a specific and realistic goal. Don’t jump too harsh into it, you will burnout very fast. Start slow, even give yourself milestones on the way there. Feel and appreciate every little success. Improving your life is not a simple act, it is a routine.
  2. Find inspiration – Did you set your goal already? Great! Read about it, share someone else’s experiences, get excited. The more involved and personal you feel this journey, the more willing will you be to follow it through.
  3. Commit – Don’t stop here! One of the most efficient ways to motivate yourself is to not only promise yourself (we all know you are the person you can lie to endlessly), but also promise the people around you! Get into a bet, motivate others to follow the plan with you, share what is going on in your mind. Be sure there are others who will not only believe in you and support you, but also keep you responsible for your promises.
  4. Follow a schedule – Adapt your journey to your everyday life and make it as easy to follow as possible, because this will make it sustainable. Be as specific with your schedule as you can. There is a difference in promising yourself you will start training and that you will start training every Monday. Setting this schedule in your mind will not let you get out of touch will the goal.
  5. Give it time – Unfortunately, changes work slowly. You still don’t see any results, even though you are committed for three days already? Give yourself time and don’t give up easily, most things don’t come to you that fast.

And never stop at one goal – challenge yourself all the time. You can always do more, feel more, be more… JUST DO IT, but do it for yourself. There is no greater motivation than this one.

These are my tips and tricks to getting motivation. For sure, I have my ups and downs as well, but I feel like being stuck in this state is the worst you can do for yourself.

I want to turn this into a conversation, so please share your own ways to stay motivated in the comments below and I will be happy to read them!


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  1. I agree with your statement, all you do, you do for yourself only. Not for your parents, not for your friends, not for the crazy aunt that keeps telling you that her daughter/son is better. You do it for yourself. If you want to have a fulfilling life, you need to work for it. Benefits and happiness don’t come by themselves. If this is not motivating the person enough, then I don’t know what would.

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