The Sound of Silence

Have you noticed how easy it is to get lost into noises? Moreover, to get distracted by the easily consumed media. You play a podcast while you work, the tv while you clean or even sleep and usually the music is on while you read. But not only sounds. You browse through your Facebook in the bus, check your Instagram when the conversation dies or simply binge-watch a ton of YouTube videos when you were supposed to work.

If you don’t recognize yourself in this description, I congratulate you, you have the stamina of a god. I, however, cannot proud myself with the same, as probably half of the worlds’ population at this point.

I don’t get a lot of silence in my life, I actually avoid it. It makes me feel lonely, as if there is not a single person around me. I love the monochrome, everyday sounds of life, such as the laughter of my neighbour, the busy street with all its cars and people or a cosy café with a few customers, in which I can hear some distant conversations. Sounds make me feel safe.

So, not-surprisingly I play a song, while a I do my projects (for example – now, while writing this), I watch YouTube videos while I wash the dishes and listen to podcasts while I clean. There is rarely silence in my home. And this is the way I like it.

However, one night I had the most mesmerising experience. I laid down with a book, but I was not able to play anything in the background. So, my focus was only on this beautiful text. I was able to dive deep and feel every word, understand each sentence and give my full attention to the pages between my fingers. It felt like meditation. For the first time in a while my thoughts stopped and there was silence not only in my room, but in my head as well.

It sounds ridiculous, right? It is such a simple truth – you unplug the distractions and you put your whole mind into one thing. But nowadays many people as me had forgotten how it feels to let go. Having so much information flowing around you makes your head heavy, makes you nervous and even if you don’t realise it, it is a large burden for your senses.

Think about it, our everyday life serves us plenty of stress – we constantly chase deadlines, work overtime, worry about projects and I won’t even touch on interpersonal experiences. We are stressed to a point in which we constantly crave for some activity, which will bring us some salvation and inner peace.

Be honest, we all went to the fitness, to some yoga or dancing class or even meditation in order to destress. We pay humongous amounts of money for leisure and spa activities, everything that will bring us our joy and relaxation. But what if the answer is not outside. What if the answer is in ourselves?

Isn’t this what meditation is supposed to be – letting go of the thoughts and the burdens? Why should you be bound to a specific place and state of mind in order to do the most natural thing embedded into human physiology – be at peace with yourself. If you lack the inner peace, no external strength will be able to make you grounded.

When was the last time you skipped the browsing, muted the chats, stopped the sounds and just listened to your inner silence? When was the last time you felt in peace with yourself? And if you remember that time, was it due to a paid procedure, someone else’s influence or just your own appreciation of yourself?

Tell me in the comments below, how do you feel about silence? Both inner and the one surrounding you. Do you spend some time alone – just you and your beautiful mind?


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