August Picks

This post is another idea of mine for a new type of content, in which at the end of every month I will gather and talk about the tools, items or things that just made my life easier and more enjoyable and I would like to recommend to all of you as well.

The Roots of Love

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello, Smoothaholics! Long time has passed since my last post, but many changes appeared in my personal life and I was unable to keep up with my posting schedule, neither could Andreea. However, this does…

Page One

In the light of those current events and the bookworm mood I am in, I decided to remind you all how important reading is. Not because it makes you a smartass or because you will be stupid if you don’t read, but just because it gives a whole new light and meaning to what you once knew. It gives you the opportunity to educate yourself in every field you want, give you an example of the emotional intelligence you may lack and most importantly the key for the door of entertainment, creativity and all those worlds you are yet to conquer.